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"The rocks were great. It was unbelievable that stock vehicles could do that!"
Ben and Suzy
Moorhead, MN

"I felt a lot more confident with someone guiding us in the park. There's a great trail system, and
Mark took us to the best places."
New Lenox, IL

"I'm signing up again."
St. Louis Park, MN

"Mark did a great job of patiently spotting us through the trails. We never thought we could drive
up and over some of the things we did!"
Bill and Candy
Lakeville, MN

"An invaluable bit of knowledge, Mark helped me understand what I needed to upgrade and why."
Edina, MN

Iron Range Offroad

You bought the new Jeep... Now what?

  • Where do you go?
  • How do you use it?
  • Who can you go with?

If you are asking these questions, you've come to the right place! You have the sense of adventure, you want to learn how to use that Jeep safely, you want to learn how to travel offroad responsibly, and you want to have fun!


From The Trail